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Skyrim Modder Creates Monument to Commemorate Deceased Mother

By Xueyang
Mar. 23, 2023 updated 01:55

"In memory of my Mom""In memory of my Mom"

The vast majority of players who play "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" will install mod modules to make the world more beautiful or make NPCs more beautiful. However, the module created by VIVII only adds one object, a monument to commemorate his deceased mother.

This module is called "In memory of my Mom", and it is also VIVII's first self-made module. According to the description on the NexusMod forum, VIVII's mother Teneele was also a "Skyrim" player who passed away in January at the age of 46.

In order to commemorate his mother in the game, VIVII learned how to make mods from another modding player named Sovrath, because he himself played "Skyrim" because of his mother's influence.

Finally, VIVII modified the Mara altar into a monument. The altar symbolizes the goddess of motherhood and the goddess of love in the game, allowing him to remember his mother while adventuring in Tamriel.

VIVII described his mother as a "Skyrim" fanatic and joked that his mother had never installed any mods, but now she is remembered in the game by her son in the form of a mod.

Words on the monumentWords on the monument

Mom, it's been strange with you gone, but now you can live on in every adventure I take. Adventures I never would of had, had you not introduced me to the world of Tamriel. Know that love you and Rest in Peace.

VIVII's module has received a lot of feedback from players on the NexusMod forum. He also allows other players to take screenshots or modify it themselves, and calls on all players to tell their parents "I love you" because no one knows how much time they have left with them.

Source: 4Gamers