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AI is Empowering Talkative Skyrim NPCs

By Xueyang
Mar. 6, 2023 updated 04:16

Are you a fan of Skyrim's Dragonborn, but wish they had more of a voice? Well, Mathiew May's Dragonborn Voice Over mod for Skyrim Special Edition has got you covered! With this mod, you can choose from a variety of voice packs, all created with the help of ElevenLabs AI. And with over 7,000 lines of dialogue, it's no wonder they opted for AI-generated dialogue instead of traditional recording.

Currently, there are three voice packs available, each based on women's voices. But May promises more are on the way! Plus, an upcoming update will reduce the delay between player-character dialogue and NPC responses. Check out the showcase video to see it in action!

But that's not all - other modders have used AI to create fully-voiced NPC companions and even customized NPC dialogue. And if you're a fan of Bruce Campbell or characters like Geralt and Lara Croft, there are mods for that too! The possibilities are endless with Skyrim mods.

Take a listen to the Sith Inquisitor and Wang Yuanji voice packs for a taste of what the Dragonborn Voice Over has to offer.

Source: PC Gamer