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Adjustable Armrest Cushions for Gaming Chairs Now Available

No chair is too comfortable
By CaesarZX
Apr. 19, 2023 updated 09:00

Gaming furniture brand Bauhutte will release the Gaming Arm Cushion Wide BAP-160H in April. The price is open, with a reference price of 6,160 JPY (46 USD).

The cushionThe cushion

The product is an arm cushion that can be attached to the armrests of a gaming chair, allowing you to adjust the height and width. The thick cushion provides a 5cm height increase, allowing you to bend your elbows and adjust the height of your arms to a comfortable position while sitting up straight. This eliminates the need to take uncomfortable positions to rest your elbows, making it possible to play games comfortably for long periods of time.

Source: GAME Watch

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