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Metal Mutation is Coming to Steam May 4

By Johnson Ge
May. 2, 2023 updated 11:40

Metal Mutation is a Post-Cyberpunk Action Roguelike Dungeon Crawler that will be released on May 4th, 2023. The game is set in a not-so-distant future taken over by companies and technology. As highly developed mechanical prostheses and AI have spread, so has a metal mutation caused by nanoparticles. With mankind and society on the brink of collapse, a Cyborg and an AI join forces to prevent the inevitable.

As an action-roguelike, Metal Mutation boasts a rich variety of action elements. The player character has normal attacks, weapon skills, dashes, parries, and two ranged abilities that can be released by AI teammates. After defeating the first boss, players can also obtain a special boss transformation skill. The game also features some advanced techniques, such as performing aerial combos by attacking during a dash, which carries a higher risk but also yields faster attack speed.

A screenshot of Metal MutationA screenshot of Metal Mutation

Players will receive different upgrade items after each room. One particularly interesting effect comes from the elemental items, which can be used to upgrade and change the player's attack style. For example, using a wind element to enhance normal attacks that then release wind blades, or turning AI bullets into ice storms. Each weapon also has at least one elemental combo, allowing the power of two elements to be combined for a powerful new attack.

A screenshot of Metal MutationA screenshot of Metal Mutation

The game also features a dozen types of enemies. Although each type of enemy has its own weakness, the combination of different enemies makes the battles very challenging. Some enemies avoid direct confrontation and choose to harass from afar, while others use their high HP to charge directly at the player. Players cannot simply attack blindly and must parry or dash to evade enemy attacks. However, the game's action system and fast-paced combat are not perfectly matched. While the protagonist's attacks are solid, they feel kind of slow. Some attacks require the player to stand still and charge for seconds before release which is hard to perform in most scenarios. When players are hit, their current action is often interrupted, making it easy to get frustrated.

Fortunately, players can use the weapon credits and experience points they gain in each game to permanently upgrade their character. There is also a special item that can reduce the overall difficulty, so there is no need to worry about not being able to beat the game.

A screenshot of Metal MutationA screenshot of Metal Mutation

In addition to the traditional single-player mode, the game also features a “shelter mode”. Players can choose to enter the shelter during the intervals between each chapter and form a team of up to four players with other people to challenge waves of enemies. In each wave, players must protect their own defense tower, destroy the enemy's defense tower, collect and set traps, and finally engage in a boss battle. It has a bit of a MOBA feel to it. The items and currency obtained in the shelter mode can be used to strengthen the player's character in the single-player campaign, and players do not receive a game over if they fail in the shelter mode. Of course, there are multiple routes that need to be defended simultaneously, so it is recommended to try this mode in a team.

A screenshot of Metal MutationA screenshot of Metal Mutation

Overall, Metal Mutation is worth a try for players seeking a thrilling and challenging game with action, roguelike elements, and dungeon crawling.