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Make a Game in 48 Hours! 2023 CiGA Game Jam Registration Has Began

By Xueyang
Jun. 13, 2023 updated 11:15

CiGA Game Jam 2023CiGA Game Jam 2023

13 cities and 17 locations, the largest offline Game Jam event in the Chinese-speaking world, the 2023 CiGA Game Jam registration has begun!

Experience the full process of game development in 48 hours and put your ideas and creativity into practice! You can meet many developers who love games just like you here. This is a gathering place for inspiration and a place for self-cultivation!

July 7-9, 2023, the 2023 CiGA Game Jam is waiting for you to join us!

Cities involvedCities involved

What is CiGA Game Jam?

Game Jam is a specific form of activity in which developers are required to complete a game demo containing core gameplay within a specified time (usually 48 hours) based on the theme given at the event. Game Jam not only requires developers to burst out creativity in a limited time, but also is a competition against time.

Game Jam is the cradle of game creativity. Many famous independent games' initial prototypes were born from various Game Jam events, such as "Last Wood" and "Pick Love". CiGA Game Jam (CGJ) is the largest offline Game Jam event in the Chinese-speaking world. It has been held for 9 years since 2015. In 2022, CGJ received nearly 400 team registrations and completed more than 300 game demos containing core gameplay in total!

CiGA OnsiteCiGA Onsite

After the early site recruitment, the 2023 CiGA Game Jam has a total of 13 cities and 17 locations nationwide, including Fuzhou, Liaoning, and Nanjing, which have set up offline locations for the first time. Xi'an and Xiamen locations have returned, and Beijing and Shenzhen will open a new location! By setting up more offline locations, they hope that more developers can participate in the event offline and exchange ideas with their game development peers face-to-face, sharing the fun of game development.

At the same time, the 2023 CiGA Game Jam will also retain online live broadcasts and online participation sessions. Developers who cannot register for offline locations can also participate in the event online.


After the development stage is over, the officials will arrange a unified live broadcast to demonstrate and play all the completed game demos in the 2023 CiGA Game Jam. The specific broadcast time will be announced later.