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The Missing Submarine is Piloted by a $30 Logitech gamepad

By Xueyang
Jun. 25, 2023 updated 04:50

News broke about a tourist submarine from OceanGate Expeditions that went missing with five people aboard while headed for the wreck of the Titanic on June 18th. It was later revealed that the sub's design did not meet regulations and its steering was apparently handled by a 30 USD Logitech F710 wireless PC game controller from 2010. The missing crew includes OceanGate's founder and CEO, Stockton Rush, and British billionaire and adventure enthusiast Hamish Harding.

Logitech F710Logitech F710

The sub disappeared while on an expedition to explore the Titanic shipwreck site and search and rescue operations are still underway. The sub is bolted shut from the outside, so even if the vessel surfaces, the occupants cannot escape without outside assistance and could suffocate within the capsule. The potential disaster has caused concern on social media, with details emerging about OceanGate's history of avoiding or complaining about safety regulations.

After the submarine was finally found disparted and all passengers confirmed dead, some Twitter users were seen circulating a photo of what appears to be some debris on the ocean floor, suggesting that the Logitech gaming controller used to pilot the ill-fated Titan submersible survived the implosion, while staying intact.

The remaining Logitech Gaming controllerThe remaining Logitech Gaming controller

However, other sources suggest the image to be a vivid fake from AI. 

Source: CBS Sunday Morning