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YOOZOO’s New Game Echocalypse Set For Japan Release End of 2022

By Cecil Gao
Apr. 14, 2022 updated 05:33

Recently, Chinese game publisher YOOZOO announced its new anime gacha strategy game Echocalypse: The God of Scarlet Red will be released by the end of 2022 in Japan. The game released its trailer on Youtube on April 7.


Echocalypse tells the story of a world that was destroyed by natural disasters, human civilizations were scattered and mostly infected by a kind of special new element called the echo crystal. Players must lead a group of elite soldiers that were mutated because of the echo crystal to defeat the infected monsters and save the world. As of now, it is not yet possible to determine the specific game mechanics and detailed plot of Echocalypse, but based on the information given on the official website, there are four organizations from different regions in the game that allow the player to recruit characters. All of the characters in the game are kemonomimi, which means humanoid characters that possess animal-like features. The voice cast of Echocalypse is very large as well, with many famous Japanese voice actors involved, such as Yoko Hikasa, who voices K-ON! and Mamiko Noto who voices Hell Girl and No Game No Life.

What’s more, Echocalypse’s plot and world-building are very similar to Arknights, the anime gacha tower defense game that went viral over the past few years. Both of them contains natural disaster and new materials that will infect and mutate human in the plot, the playable characters in Arknights are all komonomimi as well. Because of these similarities, Chinese players jokingly say that Echocalypse is a sexy version of Arknights.

The publisher of Echocalypse, YOOZOO, is one of the most successful new gaming companies in recent years. Its mobile game adapted from Game of Throne has gained a great success all over the world. The release of Echocalypse in Japan is also an important step for YOOZOO toward overseas markets.

you can head over to the official website and Twitter for further updates.