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Sonkwo Summer Sales! Tomb Raider GOTY is 80% Off

By Superpixel
Jul. 28, 2023 updated 01:37

Tomb Raider GOTY, the 2013 action adventure from the classic gaming franchise, is now 80% off until noon July 29th (GMT +8). The GOTY edition includes 11 skins, 3 multiplayer packs, and one bonus adventure.

Sonkwo summer sales include thousands of games, discounted up to 95%.

More game deals: Sonkwo

With a 15% off coupon, you can get extra discounts for one purchase with any number of games. 

15% off coupon: Sonkwo

Here are the rest of the daily flash sales. They change daily at 11:59 AM:

  1. Witch It (80% off) - July 28th, 24hr Flash Sale
  2. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (95% off) - July 29th, 24hr Flash Sale
  3. GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 Deluxe Edition (56% off) - July 30th, 24hr Flash Sale
  4. PC Building Simulator (80% off) - July 31st, 24hr Flash Sale
  5. Sid Meier's Civilization VI Platinum Edition (88% off) - Aug. 1st - 2nd, 48hr Flash Sale