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Eastern Game Fest Kicks Off with World’s Attention to Eastern Culture!

By Superpixel
Apr. 12, 2023 updated 06:35

As of today, the official debut of Eastern Game Fest has been made. The game show is mainly hosted by Steam China, and a swarm of domestic and foreign game companies will participate in it. Faced with global gamers and media outlets, this online game feast aims to promote games with Eastern characteristics. Over 300 participating titles with Eastern hashtags are waiting for global gamers to enjoy. Please log in Steam China right now, go straight away to the featured page of Eastern Game Fest, and experience the charm of games.

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During this online showcase, there are 4 sections for game exhibition. All participating games can boost their impressions and attention in an all-round way on this global stage, attracting gamers to immerse into Eastern culture.

Section 1: EASTERN CHARM. Games with rich Eastern elements and specialties flock here, and games that created by Eastern developers will be listed one by one.

Section 2: SPECIAL OFFERS. A sheer amount of discounted games will be stationed here. Those who pay close attention to this event can pick your favourite games as you wish and enjoy cost-effective price.

Section 3: DEMO PLAY. Eye-catching games will take the initiative to present their free demos. Gamers are able to have an actual experience ASAP to those games primed by the production team as the surprising gifts.

Section 4: COMING SOON. Long-awaited new games will be exposed here in the upcoming 2023. Loads of first-hand news and release plans to new game will be announced, facilitating die-hard gamers to wishlist their favorites smoothly ahead of time.

Eastern Game Fest has gain full-on support from several domestic livestreaming platforms and media partners, leading this regional event regarding game culture spread to be held worldwide with success. During the event period from Apr. 12 to Apr. 19, a great number of KOLs will host game introduction in their respective channels on the livestreaming platforms. On the featured page of Eastern Game Fest, developers’ livestreaming will bring game demonstration via rotation playing. There are more highlights that are waiting for you to dig out.

Here are part of the recommended game intros during this Eastern Game Fest down below.

Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun - A single-player ARPG developed by core members from original Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun team, with brand new storyline as well as classic characters to continue a 20-year epic. Faced a chaotic world with old friends full of emotion, it’s all up to gamers to make choices.

Zu: First Chapter - A cultivation open-world game with Eastern characteristics. Made by Unreal 4 Engine; seamless large map with 7056 square kilometers; land, sea and air combat adventure exploration; character growth of your own free will; stronghold conquest and sect management on the mega map, etc.

The Forgotten Concluder - A 3D RPG that aims to recreate the classic fantasy with martial arts style, in which players will take on the role of Shen Zijun, a young man who grew up in a valley, on a grand journey to find his true self and a long-forgotten, shocking secret.

A Perfect Day - Keep going back to the last day of 1999 and re-confront the regrets and ideals that belong to you and that era. Deep background setting and story network, not clichéd narrative puzzle, and retro and fun mini-games.

Songs Of Wuxia - An ancient style JRPG game with alternate history. In the north of China, the martial arts genius Lv Lingji was commissioned by her master, Chen Jingjun to the north capital city called Fan City for lived experience. On her way through thousands of trials, facing the complex situation of the turbulence, she firmly sought her own way forward and wrote a song of the magnificent chivalry.

Tales of the Mirror - The game story is adapted from the traditional classics. It tells the story of ancient times in Hangzhou and Nanjing. The player acts as the role of a character who, by chance, intervenes in the serial rare and unusual cases triggered by a golden bird.

Dead Town Tales - A Roguelike game with a strong ancient style of strategy card deck-building and plot exploration as the core. Through battle and exploration to get to know this romantic, bizarre and mysterious world; meet the people, ghosts, spirits and monsters in "Lan Ruo Town", and experience the unknown and choices together with them.

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