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ASCII-Animated Idle Game Stone Story RPG Releases Today After 9 Years of Development

By Superpixel
Jul. 26, 2023 updated 05:16

San Mateo, California, 7/27/2023 - Indie developer Martian Rex is proud to announce the full release of Stone Story RPG, a stylish ASCII adventure with auto-battler gameplay that blends modern idle mechanics with classic RPG progression.

Stone Story RPG is now available and free to play on iOS and Android. The game has been adapted from its PC release ($29.99 USD on Steam) with some key differences for mobile, but players can still expect the full Stone Story RPG experience. Check the launch trailer here!

Explore a dark and mysterious world built using millions of text characters. Stone Story RPG takes ASCII art to the next level with more than 16,000 hand-drawn frames of text-based animation. The Dark World is bathed in eternal moonlight, underscored with a vivid analog chiptune soundtrack composed by Brazilian VGM studio Moonsailor.

Stone Story RPG is a game where players have no direct control of the main character, but don’t let your guard down! Danger lurks in the Dark World, and you’ll need your wits about you to survive. Clever AI handles repetitive tasks like walking, attacking, and collecting resources, leaving the player to make larger strategic decisions like which areas to explore, what kind of potions to brew, and which weapons to bring into battle.

Nine years of development have polished the game to a stone-smooth sheen, thanks in large part to the dedicated efforts of the community. In addition to avid playtesting and balance feedback, hundreds of players have let their creativity shine with Stonescript, Stone Story RPG’s in-game scripting language. Whether it was for optimizing combat, animating in ASCII art, or creating games, Stonescript empowers new programmers to learn and create while also providing veterans with rich coding complexity.

Stone Story’s full release adds new items, new bosses, and new story content, as well as a plethora of community-created cosmetics, mini-games, and more!

Check out the full list of features:

  • Stunning ASCII animation and gorgeous music
  • Robust player character AI
  • Eight unique locations with lovingly detailed environments
  • Simple, but deep crafting system
  • Dozens of items that can be combined to create new strategies
  • A rich fantasy world with eccentric enemies, amusing NPCs, and engaging lore
  • 8+ hours of main story gameplay, in addition to procedurally generated content
  • Deep programming mechanics that let players optimize combat, create mini-games, and even make ASCII animations
  • Plenty of secrets!


Martian Rex began as a solo studio, growing to work with more than 40 talented developers from across the world. For nearly a decade, they have worked to bring Stone Story RPG to life. Years of industry experience combined with a forward-thinking vision have kept them moving through a rapidly growing and changing industry. Martian Rex hopes to continue that momentum as they launch Stone Story and see what other games await their team beyond the horizon!