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Taste the Retro Shoot 'Em Up Extravaganza in Ray'z Arcade Chronicles

By Johnson Ge
Aug. 1, 2023 updated 01:35

Taito's Ray'z Arcade Chronology was released on June 30th, 2023. The game includes three retro shooters from the 90s: RayForce from 1994, RayStorm from 1996, and RayCrisis from 1998.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Ray series is its distinctive combat style. Unlike traditional vertically scrolling shooters, the game introduces a unique mechanic where players can only engage enemies that are on the same "horizontal plane" as their fighter. This means that regular shots from the player-controlled fighter can only hit airborne targets on the same plane, while tanks, turrets, and other adversaries on different planes remain unaffected by bullets.

To overcome this challenge, the Ray series offers a special laser attack. By pressing the secondary weapon button, players can lock onto enemies within a specific range. Upon releasing the button, the fighter unleashes tracking lasers that effectively target and attack these enemies on different planes. This innovative feature adds depth and excitement to the gameplay, requiring players to strategically switch between regular shots and laser attacks to effectively defeat all types of adversaries.

A screenshot of RayForceA screenshot of RayForce

Furthermore, this feature is a valuable tool for assessing player proficiency in arcade vertically scrolling shooters. Within the game, when a player locks onto multiple targets simultaneously, each subsequent target grants a score multiplier twice as high as the previous one. For instance, if a player locks onto five targets in one go, the last target will reward them with a whopping 32 times the score. Skilled players can strategically lock onto multiple enemies to maximize their point accumulation, while novice players can opt for rapid laser fire to swiftly eliminate foes and minimize their own risk. Additionally, Ray'z Arcade Chronology offers online leaderboards, enabling players to upload their scores and gameplay recordings to compete with or learn from other players.

Ray'z Arcade Chronology also allows players to customize the game difficulty through the settings menu, including the default stage difficulty and the initial number of lives. Furthermore, players can enjoy unlimited "credits" to continue playing, providing a safety net for those lacking confidence in their skills and facilitating game completion.

A screenshot of RayStormA screenshot of RayStorm

Among the three games, RayForce boasts exquisite 2D graphics that have stood the test of time without appearing outdated. RayStorm and RayCrisis, in their 3D versions, offer the original graphics options as well as the choice to experience a more HD version. These enhanced versions feature improvements in resolution and texture, resulting in a modernized aesthetic.

A screenshot of RayCrisisA screenshot of RayCrisis

Ray'z Arcade Chronology brings back the three retro shooters from the 90s. It introduces a unique combat style, adding depth and strategy to the gameplay and provides various customization options for players with different skill levels. Overall, Ray'z Arcade Chronology provides a nostalgic and exciting gaming experience for fans of retro shooters.