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Tower of Fantasy Has Started Its Global Closed Beta Test

By Johnson Ge
Apr. 19, 2022 updated 08:55

On April 19, Tower of Fantasy Global started its closed beta test (CBT). The CBT is a non-paid test, and all player data will be wiped out after the test. It is available for invited players located in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Japan.

Tower of Fantasy is an Anime-style, fair sci-fi-based open-world RPG game. It had an initial release in China on December 12, 2021, and the game rose to Top 1 on Appstore and made over 70 million USD in the first month. Tower of Fantasy was only available for players in China at that moment, and many players from other regions have been expecting a global release since then.

In March 2022, the Tower of Fantasy officially revealed that there would be a global release of the game this year, and the closed beta would start in April. The news ignited the enthusiasts’ community worldwide in no time.