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China Became Steam's Largest Market, Three Times of the United States

The PC game market is growing these days remarkably, especially in China.
By ChOzen
Apr. 19, 2022 updated 10:13

The Game Age Research Institute from Japan recently released a report on PC game users in major markets.

The report shows that China has become the largest market for Steam, with annual revenue of 1,327.2 billion yen (about 10 billion US dollars).

According to the report, the annual market size of  Japan is about 342 million dollars, which is almost the same size as Canada, at about 350 million dollars. China is the largest market at about 10 billion dollars, followed by the United States with about 3.29 billion dollars.

Annual Market Size of Some CountriesAnnual Market Size of Some Countries

As for other countries, Indonesia is about $470 million, Germany about $439 million, the UK about $438 million, India about $388 million, and South Korea about $304 million.

Some console exclusives are also released on PC nowSome console exclusives are also released on PC now

The PC game market is growing these days remarkably. Game Age Research Institute points out that, in addition to the widespread use of gaming PCs, the increase in the distribution of titles released on home video game consoles on PC game platforms is probably the growth.