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Sifu's Arenas Final Content Update is Live Now

By Xueyang
Sep. 8, 2023 updated 10:10

The latest update for the Kung-fu game Sifu has been rolled out, primarily extending existing modes with an additional 75 Challenges, six Arenas, two Outfits, and 27 cheats and modifiers. A new Custom Mode also debuts, offering players the chance to put their unique spin on Arena Challenges.

Check out the trailer:

Before this, the only way to engage with Sifu’s martial arts was through its campaign. An update in March added Arenas, which are spaces—some borrowed from the campaign, some new—for completing specific challenges and attempting different modes such as wave survival and king-of-the-hill.

The new update not only expands on these elements but puts particular emphasis on the Custom Mode. This feature lets players tailor Arena Challenges with either chosen or randomly generated modifiers and cheats.

According to the complete patch notes, this update is particularly geared towards experienced players, as new challenges will only unlock after the successful completion of preceding ones.

Sloclap has assured that they will continue to support Sifu with necessary patches for bug fixes, meaning this may be the last content update, but not necessarily the last patch overall.

Source: YouTube