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HyperGryph Released a Trailer for Its First 3D Multiplayer Platformer POPUCOM

By Xueyang
Sep. 9, 2023 updated 12:29

HyperGryph has just released a trailer for POPUCOM, their first venture into the 3D multiplayer platforming genre. The game promises an engaging mix of cooperative play, color-based puzzles, and match-3 shooting mechanics. Set in a foreign, devastated world, players are tasked with restoring life and hope to a barren landscape.

The allure of POPUCOM is heightened by its emphasis on cooperative gameplay. Players can join forces with friends, regardless of geographic location, to tackle the game's numerous challenges. As the game emphasizes, either "work as a team, or suffer defeat." Cooperation isn't just encouraged; it's a requirement for advancing through the game's complex puzzles and battles.

POPUCOM takes an innovative approach to platforming mechanics by incorporating color-switching. Players must change their in-game colors to interact with specific game mechanisms. This adds a layer of strategy and timing to the already challenging gameplay. Expect plenty of color-coordinated puzzles that will test your reflexes and teamwork.


The game also adds a unique twist to combat through its match-3 shooting mechanic. Armed with a Rainbow Popper, players can fire at Pomus, small in-game creatures, to create duplicates of the same color. Matching three Pomus of a similar hue will eradicate a looming threat, making the Popper a critical tool in your quest.

But that's not all. POPUCOM introduces a roster of helpful companions to assist players in their journey. From Rollo the Bomb and Captain Kitty to Barrier Bot and Power Kid, each character brings special skills to help solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

POPUCOM - ScreenshotPOPUCOM - Screenshot

The game's blend of inventive mechanics and multiplayer features sets it apart in a crowded field of platformers. It remains to be seen how players will react to this unique mix of cooperative and puzzle gameplay, but the initial trailer has certainly piqued interest.

POPUCOM doesn't just bring new mechanics to the 3D platforming genre; it promises a rich, cooperative experience where friendship and strategy are key. Whether you're interested in testing your puzzle-solving abilities or simply looking for a new world to explore with friends, POPUCOM seems like it will offer a challenging yet rewarding experience.