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Riot Forge Announces Crafting RPG Bandle Tale for Switch in 2024

By Xueyang
Sep. 16, 2023 updated 01:17

Get ready to unleash your inner Yordle—Riot Forge has announced Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story is set to hit the Switch in 2024. Developed by Lazy Bear, the studio behind Graveyard Keeper, this crafting RPG lets players explore the whimsical Bandle City, home to the fuzzy and charismatic Yordles.

Check out the trailer to get your first glimpse of life beyond the Bandlewoods in this upcoming title:

You'll take on the role of a shy Yordle who, after a century-long apprenticeship in knitting, yearns to explore beyond Yarnville, an isolated island. However, things take a turn when a catastrophic event causes the city’s magical portals to collapse. Armed with your knitting magic, you must enlist the help of new friends to restore these gateways and bring normalcy back to Bandle City.

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story - ScreenshotBandle Tale: A League of Legends Story - Screenshot

The game promises an intricate crafting system and the opportunity to meet and befriend League of Legends Champions. With five new islands to explore, players will gather materials for crafting, unlock magical portals, and even throw festivals to keep their fellow Yordles entertained. Whether you're a culinary whiz making farm-to-table dishes or a tech genius constructing fun gadgets, the game offers multiple avenues for creativity.

Source: Twitter/X