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Setting Sun: A Yakuza's Battle Against Time Now on Steam

By Xueyang
Sep. 17, 2023 updated 11:14

Action-adventure game "Setting Sun" has just dropped on Steam, introducing players to the life of Seiji Maruyama, a middle-aged yakuza fresh out of prison. Nicknamed "Gozu" after a demon general in Buddhist mythology, Maruyama was once a force to be reckoned with in his gang. But something his loyal compatriots didn't see coming is his aging, a theme the game delves into.

Setting Sun - ScreenshotSetting Sun - Screenshot

Players will step into the worn shoes of Maruyama, faced with a life that has seemingly paused, awaiting his return. But there's a new element now—age—and the player must decide whether to embrace the old lifestyle or break away from it. And the big question looming is, does any of it even matter anymore?

Setting Sun - ScreenshotSetting Sun - Screenshot

"Setting Sun" is rich in features that make it stand out:

  • Multiple branching endings allow for various outcomes based on player choices.
  • A complex beat-em-up combat system keeps the action rolling.
  • Mini-games within the main story offer a break from the intensity.
  • A portion of a city is open for exploration, further deepening the immersion.

Setting Sun - ScreenshotSetting Sun - Screenshot

While the game promises action and drama, it's the existential questioning tied to aging in a youth-driven underworld that sets it apart. It’s not just about the physical battles but also the internal ones, which could be the toughest fights Maruyama has to face.