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Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Coming to Steam

By Xueyang
Sep. 27, 2023 updated 09:26

Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, originally a mobile-only title, will be making its way to PC via Steam. Though a specific release date for the PC version hasn't been confirmed, the game debuted on mobile platforms earlier in September. The narrative is chapter-based, offering an expansive look at the full events of Final Fantasy 7, and it even includes a focus on a young Sephiroth.

The gaming company mentioned in a statement that the Steam edition is actively under development. What's more, players will have the option to share their game data between the mobile and Steam versions, ensuring a more cohesive gaming experience.

Ever Crisis employs a "gatcha" system, where players are encouraged to complete daily missions to unlock new characters and advance through the narrative. The game's structure allows for gradual progression but also offers the option to spend real-world money to accelerate advancement.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Mobile - ScreenshotFinal Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Mobile - Screenshot

The move to bring Ever Crisis to PC via Steam expands the title's reach and offers PC gamers a chance to delve into this enriched Final Fantasy universe. Details on which characters and storylines will be included in the PC version are yet to be revealed.

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