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Diablo IV Expands to Steam Alongside New Season of Blood Update

By Xueyang
Oct. 5, 2023 updated 10:59

In a move set to delight fans and expand its gaming community, Diablo IV has announced its arrival on Steam starting October 17. Already available on, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4, the addition of the popular Valve platform gives gamers more flexibility in how they access the action-packed world of Sanctuary. The Steam page for Diablo IV is live and open for wishlisting.

Steam is coming to Steam on October 18Steam is coming to Steam on October 18, Beijing Time

Players eager to try Diablo IV on Steam will need to purchase the game on this new platform before linking it to their account. The process, which is a requirement across all platforms, paves the way for cross-platform play and opens up specific Steam benefits. These perks include Steam achievements, access to the Steam friends list, and the ability to invite friends on Steam to join you in-game.

What makes the Steam launch particularly exciting is its synchronization with the debut of Diablo IV's second Season, aptly named Season of Blood. This new content drop introduces an enthralling Questline, chilling Vampiric Powers, and five new endgame bosses, adding layers of complexity and intrigue to an already robust game.

Diablo IV has always been about more than just battling grotesque monsters and hoarding epic loot; it's a social experience aimed at building memories with friends, both old and new. The game's Steam launch promises to enhance this experience, breaking down barriers and making it easier for players to come together and defend the world of Sanctuary. The developers are keen to hear feedback as more players join the fight against the demonic hordes.