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Blizzard's Bloody Brilliant Donation Drive: Rewards and, Yes, Blood-Cooled PCs

By Xueyang
Oct. 23, 2023 updated 06:05

As Halloween nears, game companies are pulling out all the stops for spooky promotions. Enter the Blood Harvest, a real-life blood donation initiative from Blizzard. Announced during the Season of Blood, Lord Zir's vampire emissaries have turned to players for a good cause—and a touch of the macabre.

From October 20 to November 20, U.S. players aged 18 and above can roll up their sleeves and donate their life essence (blood) to unlock some dazzling in-game rewards. If the community reaches a rather devilish goal of 666 quarts of blood, rewards will be unlocked in tiers, ranging from weapon cosmetics to armor sets. And for the bold who meet this goal? Blizzard promises a sweepstakes for a PC with a chilling twist—it's cooled by actual human blood. Before you wonder, no, it's not a new cooling trend on the horizon; Blizzard just knows how to turn heads.

The PC, while not directly vampiric, boasts some monstrous specs, like an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090, a zippy Intel Core i9 CPU, 64GB of DDR5 RAM, and a whopping 3 TB SSD. However, its crowning glory, the Quantum Vector GPU Waterblock, may just make you ponder, "Why not just stick with regular cooling?". Yet, for those who've always dreamed of merging gothic aesthetics with their gaming passion, your wish has eerily come true.

The three tiers of lootsThe three tiers of loot

Now, let's break down the in-game treasures. At 33% of the goal, players are graced with weapon cosmetics—think blades and staves with bloody designs. At 66%, there's a Barbarian Armor Cosmetic to boot. Finally, at full goal completion, there's a unique mount and, of course, that human blood-infused PC sweepstakes.

The Diablo 4 themed, human-blood-inflused PCThe Diablo 4-themed, human-blood-infused PC

If the prospect of potentially winning a PC that's both chilling in design and functionality intrigues you, details and rules will be shared once the sweepstakes is unlocked. All rewards, meanwhile, will be available to players on November 22.

While the underlying aim is noble—donating blood to save lives—Blizzard's blood-cooled PC does raise a brow. We might jest about its unconventional cooling system, but if it encourages more donations, then perhaps it's a win-win for the gaming community and those in need.

For more on the Blood Harvest and to see if this isn't some Halloween trick, check out Blizzard's website and the announcement video. And remember, while your PC might run hot, it doesn't mean it's thirsty.

Source: Blizzard