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ASTLIBRA Revision is Coming to Nintendo Switch

By Xueyang
Oct. 6, 2023 updated 04:17

Switch gamers have something big to look forward to: the long-awaited port of ASTLIBRA Revision is finally complete. The development team announced that the game had received the green light from Nintendo, and the action-packed title should hit the digital shelves soon.

ASTLIBRA Revision is coming on Nintendo SwitchASTLIBRA Revision is coming on Nintendo Switch

In ASTLIBRA Revision, players will find themselves immersed in an expansive and perilous world. Guided by the protagonist and his avian companion, Karon, the game unravels its narrative through multiple chapters filled with time-bending themes and compelling characters. Whether you're slicing through hordes of enemies or facing screen-filling bosses, the gameplay demands both aggression and strategy. The possession skills—powerful abilities that can obliterate obstacles—are a particular highlight.

The game allows for a range of combat styles. Whether you're an archer picking off enemies from a distance, or a mage juggling both melee attacks and magic, customization is key. Players will gather experience, level up, and craft equipment to adapt to the game's ever-changing scenarios.

ASTLIBRA - ScreenshotASTLIBRA - Screenshot

What sets ASTLIBRA apart is its rich backstory and gameplay depth, the result of 14 years of development and over a year of revisions by award-winning indie developer KEIZO. Elements of the game's story are often translated into gameplay mechanics; for example, Karon is not just a talking sidekick but an integral part of the experience.

For players who crave more, ASTLIBRA Revision doesn't stop after the "final" chapter. A postscript adds extra narrative layers, new adventures, and systems that further tap into the game's rich mechanics. With six difficulty levels, it's accessible to players of all skill sets—but don't expect to breeze through the content.

Source: Nintendo