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"Multi Turret Academy" to Storm Steam in Q4 2023 With a Unique Tank Combat Experience

By Xueyang
Oct. 23, 2023 updated 10:42

In a fresh wave of immersive gaming, Multi Turret Academy gears up to make its grand entrance on the Steam platform in the fourth quarter of 2023. Offering players a distinctive blend of Top-Down shooter and Roguelike mechanics, this game plunges them deep into the role of a tank commander in a Soviet academy.

Set against the backdrop of a vibrant Soviet setting, players are entrusted with the leadership of a spirited group of students from the tank club, guiding them as they engage in exhilarating tank games.

Multi Turret Academy - ScreenshotMulti Turret Academy - Screenshot

A standout feature of Multi Turret Academy is its expansive collection of WWII tanks. Players can delve into a selection of over 50 combat vehicles, ensuring a uniquely tailored gaming experience every time. But the customization doesn't stop there. In a revolutionary gameplay element, players have the freedom to modify their tanks on-the-go. This involves dismantling turrets from their own vehicle and strategically replacing them with turrets scavenged from enemy vehicles.

Multi Turret Academy - ScreenshotMulti Turret Academy - Screenshot

But what's a tank without its crew? Multi Turret Academy introduces players to an eclectic group of students, each boasting unique skills and talents. Players have the chance to recruit these students mid-battle, thereby bestowing their tank with novel abilities and enhancing their combat prowess.

Multi Turret Academy promises an unprecedented tank shooter experience, combining strategy, customization, and action-packed gameplay. As anticipation builds, gamers worldwide eagerly await its release to dive into the captivating world of tank battles, Soviet academia, and strategic combat.

Multi Turret Academy - ScreenshotMulti Turret Academy - Screenshot

Get ready, Comrades, to choose, modify, recruit, and conquer! Steam awaits the arrival of its next big hit.