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Japan's eSports Market Hits 12.5 Billion JP¥

Expected to Exceed 21 Billion JP¥ by 2025
By Xueyang
Dec. 25, 2023 updated 09:36

Japan's eSports Market Hits 12.5 Billion JP¥Japan's eSports Market Hits 12.5 Billion JP¥

The Japan eSports Union (JeSU) announced that the domestic eSports market has reached an estimated 12.5 billion JP¥. This figure, along with growth forecasts and market breakdowns through 2025, was pre-released by JeSU from the forthcoming "Japan eSports White Paper 2023" scheduled for publication in January 2024.

In 2022, Japan's eSports market surged to 12.5 billion JP¥, a 127% increase from the previous year, and is projected to surpass 21 billion JP¥ by 2025. Despite the pandemic, the eSports sector has seen steady growth, partly due to the establishment of online events. The market is expected to expand at an annual average growth rate of over 20% with the synergistic effect of both online and offline events.

Japanese Esports Revenue GrowthJapanese Esports Revenue Growth

Furthermore, JeSU added 'Event Operations' in eSports as a new category for their 2022 analysis. Recently, businesses with expertise in both online and offline eSports event management have been shaping a significant market. The business-to-business domain in event management is also expected to grow steadily.

The number of domestic eSports fans, including those who watch matches, stream videos, or view related TV broadcasts, stands at approximately 7.76 million. This number is expected to exceed 10 million by 2025, as the fanbase continues to grow robustly with the establishment of online viewership.

Esports Revenue StreamsEsports Revenue Streams

The "Japan eSports White Paper 2023" will feature a comprehensive analysis based on user surveys conducted by the Kadokawa ASCII Research Laboratories, Inc., commissioned by JeSU, and various public data from eSports-related companies. The publication will also include a range of information for eSports businesses, including surveys of member corporations, contributions from relevant ministries, international organizations, IP holders, and professional eSports players.

Japan Esports Audience GrowthJapan Esports Audience Growth

With the growing prominence of event management companies, the Japanese eSports market is on a significant upward trajectory, presenting promising prospects for the future.

Source: GameSpark