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"Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion" Rolls Out Full 1.0 Update

By Xueyang
Nov. 19, 2023 updated 04:15

The highly-anticipated full 1.0 update of "Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion" is now live, offering players an enhanced journey through its wuxia-themed world. To celebrate the launch, a special 18% discount is available until November 29th, marking an ideal opportunity for new players to join the adventure.

"Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion" Rolls Out Full 1.0 Update"Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion" Rolls Out Full 1.0 Update

The 1.0 update brings a wealth of new content, including:

  • 18 Romanceable Female Characters: Expanding the roster for deeper interactions.
  • Homestead System: Manage characters effectively and inherit Martial Arts and weapons across playthroughs.
  • Over 200 New Narrative Encounters: Along with adjustments to over 400 existing encounters.
  • New Jianghu Event System: Ensuring the adventure continues with significant events.
  • Dual Options Against High-Rank NPCs: For a challenging test of skills.
  • Improved Customization: Enhancing team characters’ abilities.

Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion v1.0 - ScreenshotHero's Adventure: Road to Passion v1.0 - Screenshot

The update also introduces a "Good and Evil system" to track players' actions and influence the story. Multiple approaches are available for each level, allowing for diverse playstyles.

The transition from Early Access to 1.0 will carry over players' progress, although experiences may differ based on past choices. A fresh start in 1.0 is recommended for a comprehensive experience.

Additionally, the Steam Workshop 2.0 community is thriving, with the new "Event Editor" enabling players to craft their events, quests, and storylines.

Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion - Update MilestonesHero's Adventure: Road to Passion - Update Milestones

Special acknowledgments go to community translators who played a crucial role in the English translation of the game. Collaborations with influencers like Baby Boomer Gamer and Wuxiaworld, offering game key giveaways, further engage the community in this landmark release.

As "Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion" marks nine months of support, the team extends gratitude to the community for their invaluable feedback, shaping the game's evolution and promising more exciting updates ahead.