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Rising Dusk Brings Enchanting Twilight Adventure to Consoles This December

By Xueyang
Nov. 20, 2023 updated 09:00

Studio Stobie's enchanting platformer "Rising Dusk," drawing rich inspiration from Japanese folklore, is set to arrive on consoles on December 14th. The game invites players to traverse a mystical realm that emerges in the twilight, filled with traditional Yokai, ghosts, and ghouls from Japanese myths.

Rising Dusk - ScreenshotRising Dusk - Screenshot

In "Rising Dusk," players take on the role of Tamako, a young girl who finds herself in a world cast in perpetual dusk, inhabited by whimsical and sometimes menacing Yokai. The game flips the traditional platformer on its head with its anti-coin collection mechanic, where avoiding coins is key to navigating the levels.

The journey spans over 20 levels with varied themes, including rice fields, castle towns, and hot springs. The game challenges players to resist the urge to collect, presenting a unique twist on gameplay and exploration.

Rising Dusk - ScreenshotRising Dusk - Screenshot

With its striking 16-bit graphics reminiscent of Studio Ghibli's art style, "Rising Dusk" offers a nostalgic yet fresh visual experience. The game is laden with hidden items, secret exits, and easter eggs that promise to delight players who delve into its depths.

Originally released for PC & MAC in 2018, the game has been praised for its intuitive level design and engaging gameplay. As Indie Ranger notes, the game excellently guides players through its intricacies without handholding, earning a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Rising Dusk - ScreenshotRising Dusk - Screenshot

Fans of platformers and Japanese folklore can look forward to adding "Rising Dusk" to their console collection this winter, as they aid Tamako in finding her way home through the enchanting world hidden in the dusk.