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GloriaWorks Releases New Visual Novel "Flame in Glass" on Steam

By Xueyang
Nov. 27, 2023 updated 06:09

GloriaWorks has officially announced its latest original creation, "Flame in Glass" ("琉璃烟火"), now available on Steam. This visual novel, steeped in intricate storytelling and emotional depth, unfolds in the tsunami-recovered ancient city of Yiqing.

Set against the backdrop of Yiqing City, which has painstakingly rebuilt itself after a devastating tsunami, "Flame in Glass" is a narrative-driven visual novel. The story revolves around the lives of several individuals, each harboring different aspirations and expectations, which get abruptly disrupted by an unexpected explosion. The game explores the intertwined fates of these characters, pulling them into a complex web of events following the explosion.

Flame in Glass - ScreenshotFlame in Glass - Screenshot

The weekend ahead promises a grand commemoration to celebrate the city’s rebirth. Among those waiting for the weekend are renowned neurosurgeon Han Mowen and his assistant-cum-fiancée, Guan Qian. The couple is eagerly anticipating their long-awaited wedding on Saturday and a honeymoon journey starting on Sunday.

However, the city's joy and progress are shattered by a sudden explosion, casting a shadow over everyone's lives.

"Flame in Glass" boasts a cinematic quality, thanks to a top-tier film shooting team that brings the story of Yiqing City to life through live-action filming. The narrative delves into the city's destruction, reconstruction, and the myriad human stories that emerge from these events. It’s a tale of joy and sorrow, warmth and loneliness, intensity and gentleness.

Flame in Glass - ScreenshotFlame in Glass - Screenshot

The game's unique presentation as a visual novel, rather than a traditional text adventure game, narrates the story of Yiqing City in a linear fashion. The interactive element comes from its lexicon system, which offers subjective thoughts and essays, rather than just objective descriptions, fostering a unique interaction between the author and the reader. Collecting these entries adds a layer of engagement and enjoyment to the reading experience.

Flame in Glass - ScreenshotFlame in Glass - Screenshot

Moreover, "Flame in Glass" features an innovative comment system, allowing players to discuss each line of dialogue, characters, and lexicon entries, enhancing the storytelling experience.

The creators of GloriaWorks, who founded their game company in Japan after their student days, bring their wealth of experiences, learnings, and emotions to this project. The pandemic, while altering many aspects of life, has also intensified their creative drive, leading to the development of "Flame in Glass."

Flame in Glass - ScreenshotFlame in Glass - Screenshot

As GloriaWorks' latest offering, "Flame in Glass" represents a culmination of years of growth, learning, and heartfelt storytelling. It invites players into an evocative world where the past and the present, reality and aspirations, intertwine in the reborn city of Yiqing.