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"Ling Shou Jiang Hu" Launches First Round of Testing

By Xueyang
Nov. 30, 2023 updated 06:45

The first round of testing for the highly anticipated Wuxia CRPG game, "Ling Shou Jiang Hu," has officially begun. In this immersive role-playing game, players step into the shoes of a wolf clan youth named Lang Jiusi. Destined to become an imperial inspector, Lang Jiusi unwittingly enters the world of Jianghu, becoming the focal point of multiple power struggles. Throughout the game, players navigate through this tumultuous world, growing stronger and gradually seizing control of their destiny.

Ling Shou Jiang Hu - ScreenshotLing Shou Jiang Hu - Screenshot

"Ling Shou Jiang Hu" features a seamless open world, allowing for unrestricted exploration and adventure. Players can trigger intriguing quests and events, unravel unknown puzzles and mazes, and collect or craft legendary weapons. The game offers the opportunity to join various martial arts factions and mix and match over 300 martial arts skills.

Players can cultivate their unique team of heroes and adventure alongside more than ten distinct character companions, each with their own personality. The game provides freedom in character development, with multiple martial arts combinations determined by the player's choices.

Ling Shou Jiang Hu - ScreenshotLing Shou Jiang Hu - Screenshot

A unique feature of "Ling Shou Jiang Hu" is its original Gu-raising system. Players can explore the map to collect poisons, pit them against each other in a vessel, and the survivor becomes a Gu. These cultivated Gus can serve as equipment or companions in battles.

The game's narrative offers branching paths and possibilities, where every choice can impact an individual, a group, or the entire Jianghu. Each animal companion has its story arc, and the protagonist can intervene to create unexpected outcomes.

Ling Shou Jiang Hu - ScreenshotLing Shou Jiang Hu - Screenshot

However, if players choose a path of slaughter, the protagonist can break the fourth wall, disobeying certain player commands and directly confronting the player.

"Ling Shou Jiang Hu" presents a rich, choice-driven adventure in the Wuxia genre, offering players a unique blend of strategy, role-playing, and story immersion.