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Extremely Powerful Capybaras is Available on Steam Now

By Xueyang
Dec. 6, 2023 updated 10:56

The gaming world is set to embrace a new, quirky adventure with the release of "Extremely Powerful Capybaras" on Steam. This bullet hell roguelite game offers players a unique experience of embodying capybaras, the world's largest rodents, known for their calm demeanor, now turned fierce warriors.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras - ScreenshotExtremely Powerful Capybaras - Screenshot

In "Extremely Powerful Capybaras," players can embark on this chaotic journey solo or team up with up to four friends, either online or through local co-op. The game challenges players to navigate through hordes of enemies, collect coins, and unlock an arsenal of weapons and skills. The goal is to ascend as the mightiest capybaras in a bullet heaven frenzy.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras - ScreenshotExtremely Powerful Capybaras - Screenshot

The game features a diverse range of capybara heroes, each with unique classes, weapons, and combat styles. From mighty Warriors to melodious Bards, players can choose their preferred style to take on enemies. The roguelite nature of the game ensures that each run is unique, with a fresh set of randomized skills and passives that players can mix and match to build their ideal capybara warrior.

Players can also use Capy-Coins, earned during their runs, to upgrade abilities at the Upgrade Shop. This feature allows for enhancing gameplay, optimizing strategies, and increasing the chaos unleashed in battles.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras - ScreenshotExtremely Powerful Capybaras - Screenshot

Adding a touch of relaxation to the mix, players can enjoy some downtime in hot springs, a capybara's favorite spot, before jumping back into the action-packed adventure.

"Extremely Powerful Capybaras" promises a blend of intense bullet hell gameplay with the quirky charm of capybaras, offering a unique and engaging experience to gamers looking for something out of the ordinary.