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The Binding of Isaac Developer Teases Potential Fortnite Crossover

By Xueyang
Dec. 13, 2023 updated 08:43

Edmund McMillen, the creator of the popular roguelike game 'The Binding of Isaac,' has expressed interest in a crossover with Epic Games' Fortnite. Known for its unique blend of blood, tears, and bullet hell boss battles, 'The Binding of Isaac' has been a defining entry in the roguelike genre since its release in 2011. The potential crossover, suggested by McMillen, could bring a new level of chaos to both games.

Screenshot from X, via PCGamersNScreenshot from X, via PCGamersN

In a response to a fan's query on social media, McMillen stated, "Tell me who to talk to and I’ll make it happen." Although the remark seemed to be in jest, the possibility of such a collaboration is not far-fetched considering Epic Games' history of partnering with various developers for Fortnite crossovers.

Screenshot from X, via PCGamersNScreenshot from X, via PCGamersN

The suggestion quickly gained traction among fans, with many tagging Fortnite's official account in hopes of making the crossover a reality. McMillen later added to the speculation by replying, "We did it!" under one such post. However, there has been no official confirmation or denial from either developer about the crossover actually happening.

As of now, fans of 'The Binding of Isaac' can continue to enjoy the game in its current state. The potential collaboration remains uncertain, but the mere possibility has excited fans of both games. This crossover, if it materializes, could be a landmark event, blending the unique elements of a celebrated indie game with the vast, mainstream appeal of Fortnite.

Source: PCGamesN