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ShitMan: A Comically Crude Shooter Coming to Steam

By Xueyang
Dec. 23, 2023 updated 07:45

Embrace the life of a meat pigeon in the irreverently humorous bullet screen shooter ShitMan, now making its splash on Steam. This game promises a refreshingly unabashed battle experience from beginning to end, paired with a bizarre tale of unexpected demise and the resurrection of, quite literally, a pile of feces.

ShitMan - ScreenshotShitMan - Screenshot

ShitMan offers a comical twist on the monotony of daily life, especially for those who feel buried by the drudgery of overtime work. In an extraordinary turn of events, the player's character is granted a second chance at life by celestial beings, only to be reborn as a lump of excrement due to a malfunction in the heavenly rebirth machine. To add insult to injury, your infant body has been nabbed by a monster residing in the cesspool.

ShitMan - ScreenshotShitMan - Screenshot

Yet, all is not lost for our heroic ShitMan. With a mantra that even feces have honor and might, players will unlock the hidden powers of ShitMan, proving to the world the strength that lies within.

ShitMan - ScreenshotShitMan - Screenshot

The game encourages players to unlock various ShitMan styles and use their skills to turn their lives into an adventurous cesspool. It’s a call to arms for all to take control and be the dignified ShitMan of their own life story.