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PUBG Mobile Leads in Overseas Revenue Growth in December 2023

By Xueyang
Jan. 9, 2024 updated 03:49

In December 2023, PUBG Mobile achieved a remarkable feat in the global mobile gaming market. According to the latest report by Sensor Tower, the game saw a rapid revenue increase in key markets such as India and the United States, resulting in a 27% month-over-month growth. This impressive performance catapulted PUBG Mobile to the top of the revenue chart, also securing the second spot in the growth leaderboard.

Top 30 Chinese Mobile Game Downloads in December 2023Top 30 Chinese Mobile Game Downloads in December 2023

By the end of December 2023, PUBG Mobile’s total overseas earnings neared an astounding 4.5 billion USD, underscoring its global popularity and commercial success. The game, known for its immersive battle royale experience, has maintained a strong presence in the competitive mobile gaming sector, appealing to a diverse and expanding international audience.

December 2023 Chinese Mobile Games Overseas Growth RankingDecember 2023 Chinese Mobile Games Overseas Growth Ranking

Close behind PUBG Mobile, DianDian Interactive's 'Whiteout Survival' also witnessed a significant revenue increase. In December, the game's overseas income grew by 12%, earning it second place in the revenue ranking. This performance highlights the game's rising popularity and its successful strategies in engaging players globally.

These achievements reflect a broader trend in the mobile gaming industry, where Chinese developers are increasingly making their mark in international markets. The success of these games is a testament to their ability to innovate and adapt to different cultural preferences and gaming habits around the world.

Source: Weibo