Kwai Sponsoring Team KSG to Locate in Suzhou as Their New Home Base

On October 17th, Chinese short-video platform Kwai held their first-ever Starlight Ceremony in Suzhou, awarding the achievements made by popular content creators and streamers on the platform.

During the ceremony, Kwai announced that its esports division team KSG would relocate to Suzhou as their new home base and would be incorporating Suzhou into their name. Local government officials claim this is an important step in creating a “high ground” and competitive edge for the esports industry in Suzhou and attracting more highly skilled esports professionals and matches.

For Kwai, this is also their first time collaborating with the government in growing a localized esports industry. Chen Tianhua, Vice President of Kwai’s Gaming Department, says that it’s a new beginning for Kwai in Suzhou, to develop new business opportunities and exchange advantages with the city to benefit both parties. Suzhou was one of the most successful industrial powerhouses in China since the 1980s and is seeking to adapt to the era of the internet. Kwai as a tech-driven unicorn start-up would bring some new things to the table.

The esports team KSG mainly competes in Honor of Kings, the most popular mobile MOBA in China. Kwai is also the most popular Honor of Kings streaming platform; the top three contenders for the biggest award on the Starlight Ceremony are all Honor of Kings streamers/content creators.

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