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Chinese Regulators Might Be Banning Furry Content in Games

By Kongru
Oct. 26, 2022 updated 10:15

A few screenshots are circulating within the indie developer/gamer community, showing that developers are getting messages from regulators to heavily modify their furry content. Otherwise, they will be unable to acquire a license to publish their games.

According to the screenshots, no animal or fantasy body parts, including animal ears, paws, horns, fangs, and tails, would be allowed on human characters, or in short terms, no furry characters are allowed in video games.

So far, the most concrete evidence for this regulation change has been a photo of printed material that clearly states animal traits are deemed “inappropriate” by the publishing administration. However, considering the fact that Chinese traditional animal fairies, which can turn into humans, were already soft-banned by regulators, this recent development wouldn’t be the most surprising change in enforcement by the regulators.

The furry sub-culture has been one of the fastest developing in China. There were massive furry gatherings before COVID, and quite a few anticipated game titles, such as Mercury Abbey, Kelipot, and Back to the Dawn, are all furry-themed.