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Chinese Starcraft Legend Allegedly Retired in Rage After Losing to a Junior High Student

By Kongru
Jul. 15, 2022 updated 09:00

Chinese Starcraft Legend and popular caster Sun Yifeng (AKA F91) was witnessed rage quitting and uninstalling the game after losing to a Junior High Student during a livestream on July 13th.

Sun was suffering from a losing streak during his live stream, and in the fateful match, Sun was having a massive lead in the early game, and swore to “retire from Starcraft for good if he loses this one.”

The table was soon turned at the later stage of the game when Sun’s opponent caught him napping multiple times and pulled off a splendid reversal. Suffering from this humiliating defeat and taunted by his livestream viewers, Sun uninstalled the game to fulfill his words.

The historical moment of Sun uninstalling Starcraft 2The historical moment of Sun uninstalling Starcraft 2

Sun was one of the most talented Starcraft players from China, enjoying his fair share of success during his professional career, winning multiple regional championships and third places. He is also in the iconic Starcraft caster trio “SCBoys”, having his official voice pack in the actual Starcraft 2 game.

However, Sun was mostly famous for his carefree and funny personality, his hilarious banter with friends and fans, and all the memes he created for the Chinese Starcraft community, including his sad love story with Korean pro player Tossgirl, and winning the “AcFun Best Waifu 2018 Award” beating the likes of Yui Aragaki and Asuka Saito, for this eye-opening D.VA cosplay.

Nerf thisNerf this

Starcraft fans should not be too sad upon losing this legend. According to Sun himself the next day after the event, he “apparently had a big headache in the morning” and “forgot about what happened last night”.

Sun claimed he “forgot everything from last night”Sun claimed he “forgot everything from last night”

SCBoy’s official social media also hinted that “there are no rules against re-employing retirees”, hinting this incident may be yet another meme Sun created along his long list of legacy.

Source星际老男孩SCBOY (F91's WeChat Article)