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Vampire Survivors is Getting a New "Chilling" Update

By Xueyang
Sep. 27, 2023 updated 06:53

Vampire Survivors, the popular minimalist survival RPG, is gearing up for a chilly adventure with its upcoming free Chilling Update, also known as patch 1.7 or Whiteout. A new trailer has been released, offering a glimpse of a wintery stage adorned with snow-covered pines and a surplus of snowmen. The update will also introduce a new character, though details remain scant except for a hint of a "fetching hood."

Adding to the arsenal, the patch is set to debut the Glass Fandango, a new weapon described as being more effective when in motion and against frozen enemies. Additional achievements will also be part of this update. While this information is intriguing, it's just a sneak peek into the developer Poncle's ambitious plans. The studio recently announced that they have a content roadmap that stretches "at least until the end of 2024," promising more characters and weapons are in the pipeline.

Though full details are still under wraps, the Chilling Update is seen as yet another significant step for Vampire Survivors, with the game's community eagerly awaiting its "soon" arrival.

Source: YouTube