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Tetris-Inspired Indie Game Block Fight to be Released on May 25th

By Weilin Li
May. 13, 2022 updated 05:16

Tower defense game Block Fight will be released on Steam on May 25th. The game was developed by indie developer Xiren Yige and published by Gamera Games.

The game has a 2D cartoon style and was inspired by Tetris and Plants vs. Zombies. The player grabs the block, places it on the road to block monsters, or releases it over their heads to crush them.

Game graphics of Block FightGame graphics of Block Fight

Meanwhile, the player needs to collect resources such as wood, stone, bronze and jade to make blocks. As the player levels up, they can unlock new skills and warriors.

The indie developer had put tremendous effort into making the game and said there had been more than ten game prototypes before he finished developing this one.

The game will be available in English and Chinese.

Source: Steam