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Square Enix Plans to Streamline Game Development Focus

By Xueyang
Jan. 19, 2024 updated 07:48

Square Enix Plans to Streamline Game Development FocusSquare Enix Plans to Streamline Game Development Focus

Square Enix, led by new CEO Takashi Kiryu, has announced a significant shift in its game development strategy. In a recent investor call, Kiryu highlighted plans to "slim down" the publisher’s lineup, focusing on fewer but higher-quality game titles.

The Japanese gaming giant, known for its blockbuster series like "Final Fantasy" and "Dragon Quest," has faced challenges recently, including controversies surrounding web3 and NFT initiatives. Kiryu's approach marks a departure from these ventures, emphasizing a return to core game development with enhanced marketing strategies.

Kiryu acknowledged the company's failure to effectively market a broad range of games released in recent years. He plans to concentrate resources on AAA and indie titles while improving promotional efforts, especially for games beyond the flagship franchises. This shift is in response to the diluted focus and scattered resources that have resulted from developing a wide variety of titles.

The decision comes after a period of extensive releases, including some less-noticed titles and a few commercial flops. Square Enix's intention to create a more diverse range of games, albeit with a streamlined approach, reflects a desire to cater to a broader audience while maintaining quality and profitability.

This new direction signifies a strategic reevaluation for Square Enix, focusing on making a stronger impact with a select range of games in the global gaming market.

Source: Kotaku