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Deteriorate.1: A Furry-Themed Horror Puzzle Game Now Free on Steam

By Xueyang
Jan. 24, 2024 updated 01:32

Steam has unveiled its latest addition, Deteriorate.1, a furry-themed side-scrolling horror puzzle game now available for free. This engaging title combines mystery-solving with intense chase sequences, offering players a unique blend of horror and puzzle elements.

Deteriorate.1 - ScreenshotDeteriorate.1 - Screenshot

Set in the eerie city of Yuans, players find themselves in the realm of Wuying's Grotto, engaging in a "death trade" following their character's demise. Here, players navigate through a game set by Wuying's Grotto, where winning could fulfill their wildest wishes, including resurrection. Failure, however, results in the soul becoming nourishment for the grotto.

Deteriorate.1 - ScreenshotDeteriorate.1 - Screenshot

The game's protagonists, a cat furry named Qin Xunmeng and her canine boyfriend Zhu Qianfei, face this life-or-death challenge. Players control these characters, exploring, running, and solving intricate puzzles using special items and codes. The game's difficulty lies in its chase battles, offering a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Deteriorate.1 - ScreenshotDeteriorate.1 - Screenshot

Developed with RPG Maker, Deteriorate.1 features an array of puzzles, intense chase sequences, and stunning visuals, including flash images and CGs. With keyboard-based controls, the game promises an immersive and thrilling journey into a world of fantasy and fear.