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V Rising Set to Sink Its Teeth Into PS5 Later This Year

By Xueyang
Feb. 2, 2024 updated 12:13

V Rising, the widely acclaimed survival action RPG, is expanding beyond its PC origins and is slated to arrive on PS5 later this year.

Initially launched in Steam Early Access in May 2022, V Rising immerses players in the dark world of vampiric lore, casting them as newly awakened vampires on a quest to reclaim their ancient power. The game challenges players to rebuild their castle and establish dominance, all while navigating the perilous day/night cycle that threatens their existence with deadly sunlight. V Rising offers both solo and multiplayer modes, providing various strategies for players to rise through the ranks of the undead.

The transition to PS5 raises questions about the game's full release, given Sony's lack of an Early Access program. With its successful debut and positive reception on Steam, V Rising is anticipated to bring its thrilling, gothic adventure to the console audience, promising a seamless adaptation of its captivating vampire saga.

Source: YouTube