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Girlfriend From Hell: A Hilariously Vengeful Arcade Puzzle Game Now on Steam

By Xueyang
Feb. 4, 2024 updated 02:16

In a world where rejected proposals turn diabolical, Girlfriend From Hell offers players a chance to walk in the shoes of a woman scorned. This highly addictive 2D arcade puzzle game has just hit Steam, inviting players to engage in the ultimate teach-him-a-lesson simulator.

Girlfriend from Hell - ScreenshotGirlfriend from Hell - Screenshot

Miya, our protagonist, had dreams of marital bliss with her beau Haruto. However, faced with rejection, she swaps wedding plans for wicked pranks, aiming to turn Haruto's life into an inferno of frustration. Armed with toy balls, a saw, and a vendetta, players will help Miya lay out devilishly clever traps. From sawing chairs to scattering balls, ensure Haruto regrets his decision one fall at a time.

Girlfriend from Hell - ScreenshotGirlfriend from Hell - Screenshot

Perfect for those who appreciate a side of humor with their vengeance, Girlfriend From Hell promises laughter, strategy, and maybe a little catharsis. Dive into the hilariously twisted world of relationship revenge, where the line between love and loathing is hilariously blurred.