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'Psychopomp' Unveils the Hidden Depths of Psychological Horror on Steam

By Xueyang
Feb. 6, 2024 updated 11:54

Dive into the eerie world of Psychopomp, a newly released free-to-play psychological horror dungeon crawler available on Steam. This game challenges players to explore the vast, unspoken catacombs that lie beneath every home and building, a secret kept from you your entire life. Psychopomp invites gamers to delve deep into an atmospheric labyrinth, where unknown horrors and monstrosities lurk in the darkness.

Psychopomp - ScreenshotPsychopomp - Screenshot

Featuring classic 3D dungeon crawler gameplay, Psychopomp promises a journey filled with unique creatures, enemies, and bizarre horrors that await below the surface. Players can expect to uncover strange secrets, encounter peculiar characters, and perhaps even make a few allies amidst the terror. The game offers a blend of exploration and survival in a world where the truth has been obscured by lies.

Psychopomp - ScreenshotPsychopomp - Screenshot

As you navigate the twisting tunnels, every step takes you closer to the heart of the earth, drawing you into a narrative where the answers you seek might just reveal something far worse. Prepare to enter the catacombs and confront the unsettling reality of Psychopomp.