Tencent’s TiMi Studio Group is Expanding and Strengthening Its AAA Game Development Capability With the Newly Established “F1” studio

Recently TiMi Studio Group released an internal letter to its global employees on the development of “F1” studio, where “F” stands for “Future”. The details of the letter were not fully disclosed to the public. Still, on Tencent’s career website, at least 46 different vacancies across China (Shenzhen and Shanghai), the United States (Los Angeles and Seattle), Canada (Montreal), and Singapore are currently open.

According to a post by Tencent’s lead engine programmer Mao Xingyun on social media, Mao confirmed that TiMi’s F1 studio would provide support for global engineers to co-develop games seamlessly. Mao mentioned that some of the game titles announced earlier by TiMi Studio Group, such as an FPS game by the Seattle studio and an open-world game by the Montreal studio, are parts of the larger-scale operation involving the collaborations between local studios and TiMi’s F1 studio.

Mao confirmed that more high-quality AAA games based on Tencent’s original franchise are under development using the Unreal 5 Engine. These games will mostly be based on FPS and AVG genres with vehicle and exploration mechanics. He also hinted that the F1 studio would aim to produce games that would resemble the film; Ready Play One’s concept where reality and the virtual world intertwine. Some suspect that despite Tencent’s reluctance to jump in on the “metaverse” bandwagon, the grand project of the F1 studio is basically a metaverse, and Tencent has already filed almost 100 metaverse-related trademarks in September. 

Mao also took the opportunity to release some of the details of F1’s recruitments. This recruitment will invite potential candidates to join multiple game developments with different genres according to the job description. It has been said that the F1 studio has already gathered talent with years of AAA games development experiences from other major game developers.

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