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EDG Swept WBG 2:0, IG Took Down FPX 2:0

By Weilin Li
Jun. 14, 2022 updated 02:03

Two matches were held yesterday in the 2022 LPL Summer Split, where EDG won against WBG 2:0, and IG took down FPX 2:0.

In game one of the match between EDG and WBG, initially, EDG Viper achieved a double kill at the bottom lane. But at 29 minutes, WBG TheShy helped the team achieve a quadra kill and destroy a base turret. However, this did not stop EDG; at 37 minutes, EDG destroyed WBG's base.

EDG’s esports playerEDG’s esports player

In game two of the match, at nine minutes, the two sides tried to kill Rift Herald, and EDG succeeded. Then, 25 minutes in, EDG killed four champions from WBG and killed Baron. Three minutes later, EDG secured victory in the match.

Between IG and FPX, in game one of the match, at 23 minutes, IG killed three champions from FPX and a Dragon. Seven minutes later, IG Xun killed a Dragon, helping his team secure victory in this round.

In game two of the match, at 30 minutes, IG Xun on Diana achieved a triple kill, helping IG win both the game and match.

Team standings of the LPL Summer Split on June 13thTeam standings of the LPL Summer Split on June 13th