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Popular Martial Arts Game Sifu is Adding Four New Gameplay Modifiers in Its Next Summer Update

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 15, 2022 updated 09:46

Today, the popular martial arts game Sifu released a new gameplay trailer showing the four gameplay modifiers that they will be implementing in the next summer update.

The first modifiers is quite challenging, it will automatically accelerate the frequency of all enemy attacks, making each attack more unpredictable. The production team Sloclap recommends players who are already fully versed in the original game to give it a try.

Have you ever fantasized about being the protagonist of a Jackie Chan action movie? Sloclap's second gamplay modifiers will turn in-game weapons into indestructible golden weapons that players can use broomsticks, bamboos and bottles to deliver a fatal blow to their enemies!

The third and fourth modifiers seems to be inspired by the movie Matrix, low gravity and bullet time allows the players to make dodging and attacks beyond human reaction speed just like Neo, and the Baimei fist in Sifu under these two modes will become more ornamental.

As of now, no exact date was given for this update, but Sloclap says it will be deployed in August.