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Hat-Trick! The Third Time Players Found a Cheap Elden Ring Knockoff on the App Store in China

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 16, 2022 updated 07:31

On June 16, a cheap knockoff game named Eld Ring was found by players on the App Store in China. After the Elion Ring and Ranni Ring, this is the third time someone has tried to pass their own games off as the popular Elden Ring game, with very misleading titles, descriptions and promotional pictures.

In the introduction section, the Eld Ring claimed to be the mobile version of Elden Ring and that they have perfectly ported all the gameplay of Elden Ring with perfect graphics.

To add insult to injury, Eld Ring even thanked the famous Chinese game media Gamer Sky for providing Chinese translation for their game in the introduction section on the App Store. Gamer Sky has issued a statement on Weibo to clarify that the company was not involved in the production of this copycat game and never set up a translation team either.