Tencent Announced Its New Multi-Platform, Open-World Title Honor of Kings: World

Tencent and its TiMi studio announced on Oct. 30th that Honor of Kings: World, a new open-world RPG based on their successful MOBA game Honor of Kings, will be released on multiple platforms worldwide. Honor of Kings is Tencent’s most profitable franchise. According to Sensor Tower, Honor of Kings is the first mobile game ever to earn 10 billion USD in revenue.

Tencent announced the exciting news on the night of Honor of Kings’ sixth anniversary, along with a 3.5-minute video gameplay trailer. According to the trailer, the open-world game is set in a fictional universe based on ancient Chinese history and folklore. The game also features characters from Honor of Kings, such as Yao and Jialuo, but more characters will be put into the game as it develops.

The trailer also shows that Liu Cixin, the award-winning sci-fi author of The Three-Body Problem, partners with the development. The game will feature Liu’s early novel The Poetry Cloud into the storyline, the details of which have not yet been specified. According to Tencent’s statement, the company believes that together with Liu, Honor of Kings’ franchise can explore the potential between games and sci-fi literature, and represent the new face of Chinese culture to the next generation of players.

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