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Featured Cosplay EP40: Elden Ring

By ChOzen
Jun. 20, 2022 updated 09:11

Renowned game producer Hidetaka Miyazaki's new game Elden Ring debuted at the 2019 E3 game show and has since whetted the appetite of players worldwide.

When the game was officially released on February 25, 2022, players were immediately immersed in this crisis-ridden yet memorable fantasy world.

Today we have some amazing Elden Ring cosplay for you. Welcome to the Lands Between, the Tarnished. 

Melina Cosplay 1

Melina: -阿达发奋图强-

Source: Weibo

Melina CosplayMelina Cosplay

Melina Cosplay 2

Melina: Nakeko慧子

Photographer: Hakutaku白泽 

Source: Weibo

Melina CosplayMelina Cosplay

Ranni Cosplay

Ranni: Kindred芥川血

Photographer: 小穗穗穗sui

Source: Weibo

Ranni CosplayRanni Cosplay

Blaidd Cosplay

Blaidd: 佩达

Source: Weibo

Blaidd​​​ CosplayBlaidd​​​ Cosplay