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Sunset Hills Is a Beautiful Adventure Game

By Xueyang
Jun. 20, 2022 updated 09:38

“Nico, a veteran who began to write novels after being discharged from the army, starts a world tour with the roar of the train. On the way, he gets to meet all kinds of people and things, and experience the world with a brand new post-war perspective. Meanwhile, the real intention of Nico's trip is yet to reveal...”

Sunset Hills Concept ArtSunset Hills Concept Art

Sunset Hill is a narrative puzzle game with a chic picture book style, which tells the fascinating travel story of the novelist, Nico, after he retires from the military.

Players would play as Nico and travel between cities to visit his former comrades in arms. During the journey, he will encounter all kinds of people and situations. By helping Nico solve various puzzles on his journey, you will gradually acknowledge the variety of life.

Nico’s former comrades have moved on and lived their different new lives. After reuniting, they will together recall the past war experiences, disclose the secrets of the forgotten war and Nico's past, and eventually reveal the true intention of Nico's trip.

Sunset Hills Concept ArtSunset Hills Concept Art

The developer and publisher, Cotton Game, says the game will be published in mid-2023. Sunset Hill is expected to provide an immersive experience of a mixture of fabulous art, sound, and storytelling.

Check it out at Steam.