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Cotton Game Will Release Demos For Their Three Upcoming Indie Games in July

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 21, 2022 updated 07:00

Today, Cotton Game, a Chinese indie game development studio known for its unique hand-drawn style, announced that they have created Steam store pages for three indie games that are currently in development, and will release demos for the new games somewhere in July.

The three games being developed by Cotton Games are Before Fate (B4F8), Sunset Hills, and The Lilliput Workshop.

B4F8 is a survival adventure game with a collection of exploration and a variety of quests to advance the story. Players take on the role of a researcher named Ian, who is supposed to work peacefully when he is unexpectedly confronted by a disaster caused by an alien bug invasion. In a desperate situation, he decides to defeat the insects to gain access to space-time energy and use time travel to stop the disaster before it happens. But it never works out that way.

Game graphic of Before Fate(B4F8)Game graphic of Before Fate(B4F8)

In this game, players can explore four resource maps with different environments and climates, such as towns, forests, mines, and deserts, as well as several dungeons with different styles waiting for players to explore the deeper secrets. In addition, after acquiring resources, players can return to the laboratory to synthesize items and experience all kinds of firearms and weapons, as well as craft a variety of novelty items. Ultimately, players will be guided through each chapter of the story to discover the truth about "The Space".

Game graphic of Sunset HillsGame graphic of Sunset Hills

Sunset Hills is a graphic novel-style narrative puzzle game about the travels of novelist Nico after his discharge from the army. As Nico travels by train to each city to visit his former comrades, the player encounters a variety of people and events and learns about life through solving puzzles along the way.

As they reunite, they reminisce about their past experiences in the war, unravel the war and Nico's past, and gradually reveal the true purpose of Nico's journey.

Game graphic of The Lilliput WorkshopGame graphic of The Lilliput Workshop

Quite different from all Cotton Game’s previous works, Lilliput's Workshop is a logic puzzle game based on an automated sandbox. If you've played SpaceChem or worked on Redstone circuits in Minecraft, then Lilliput's Workshop is also worth a try.

The game allows you to assemble a track system using various parts to guide a small train that transports blocks of a specific shape to their destination and completes the task. You can also use the game's built-in level editor to create your unique levels and share them with players around the world via the internet to challenge their minds.

Game graphic of The Lilliput WorkshopGame graphic of The Lilliput Workshop

As of now, Cotton Game didn’t announce the exact release date of these demos. If you are interested, follow the studio’s Steam Page for further updates.