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Yoozoo Released New Trailers For Its Upcoming Kemono Girls Strategy RPG Echocalypse

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 22, 2022 updated 09:16

On June 17th, Yoozoo released two new trailers for its upcoming Kemono Girls & Post-Apocalyptic World Anime RPG Echocalypse, Revitalize and Calamity. The new trailers focus on the world-building, which Yoozoo had not previously given details about.

In Echocalypse, players will play as the Awakener in a world ravaged by a natural disaster to start the adventure, meet different Kemono girls and team up with them to fight side by side. As they explore the world deeper, players will also gradually uncover the truth behind the disaster.

The game takes place in a parallel version of Earth, where a sudden natural disaster a few years prior brought humankind to an unprecedented crisis. This disaster caused the rain to turn green and branches to grow wherever the rain fell, even from human skin; white storms ravaged the world, turning the affected people into crystals; and a quiet fog also turned into traps, and all creatures in the orange fog were burned to ashes. All these natural disasters are caused by the mysterious substance called Echo Crystals.

After countless attempts, humankind has finally found hope for survival. Through the use of Echo Crystals, humans and beasts are fused to create a new species that have powerful abilities, allowing human civilization to continue. After this calamity, the world gradually rebuilds order and splits into four forces. However, conflicts and clashes between the forces occur from time to time, and a complex battle between the new species is imminent.

The four nations have developed different beliefs and powers borrowed from the Echo Crystals and have formed distinctive cultures and technology as well.

In the trailer, Yoozoo showed players the general styles of the different camps by introducing the playable characters in the four camps.

Oryph of the AugustusOryph of the Augustus

Oryph of the Augustus Empire is the best of the Knights, and her courageous style and almost strict discipline in battle allow her to hold high the banner of her noble faith.

Firentia, the blade of EastriseFirentia, the blade of Eastrise

The solemn and mysterious Eastrise has sealed away countless secrets but still cannot hide the blade of the Kingdom, Firentia. After tearing apart the enemy's army, all that remains is this deadly Crimson Flower.

Bastet of NEBU AllianceBastet of NEBU Alliance

Bastet is the chief housekeeper of the royal palace of the NEBU Alliance. Bastet’s brutal heart is hidden behind her glasses and innocent appearance. She is like the sandstorm near the NEBU Alliance that savagely devours all, wielding a claymore to cut off everything in front of her.

Mori and her horseMori and her horse

Mori is the president of the BIFROST Industries’ parliament. She has the same temperament as the frozen steel capital and is as cold as snow and as tough as steel.

Source: Echocalypse